I <3 Michel Houellebecq

For the moment my desire to be loved is enough to spur me to action. I want to be loved despite my faults. It isn’t exactly true that I’m a provocateur. A real provocateur is someone who says things he doesn’t think, just to shock. I try to say what I think. And when I sense that what I think is going to cause displeasure, I rush to say it with real enthusiasm. And deep down, I want to be loved despite that.


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2 responses to “I <3 Michel Houellebecq

  1. Houellebecq är för skön. Hans analys av den sexuella revolutionen är klockren, och den bästa uppgörelsen med sexuallivet sen, jag vet inte, Tolstoj kanske (Kreutzersonaten). Men Konkurrens till döds gjorde ont.


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